Banjo Orchestra Scores - would you be interested in these?

Hi folks,

Going back a decade I had a small banjo orchestra of banjeurine, banjo 1, banjo2, cello banjo, clarinet and cello. I made almost all the arrangements myself, and have all the scores in pdf format for each individual instrument. I'd be happy to contribute these scores to this site, or if Ian doesn't want them, to anyone who does. 

For one rehearsal we were joined by two Frenchies. This will give you a taste of the arrangements. 

The pdfs are in both treble clef and tab. All the banjo players were my students, learning from scratch.

They were notated with Sibelius, which I don't have anymore, so can't alter the scores. No one would publish these, so I'm happy to give them away.


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Brilliant! Many thanks!

My pleasure. I hope somebody, somewhere, sometime gets use out of them. 

I introduced the local jam group to the A part of "Sunflower Dance" (because I couldn't remember the rest) last month. They seem amenable to learning it...but 2 violins, mandolin, banjo, several guitars & uke. I have a basic arrangement but yours will help me flesh it out for our group. If they can do that...we'll see what else I can sneak in. ;-)

Sounds good, The music can be adapted for any lineup. 

Hello Rob,

Thanks so much for these and the videos.  I have enjoyed the videos of your banjo orchestra many times over the last few years and am greatly inspired to create something similar here in New Zealand.  

Kindest regards,

Brett Lowe

Cheers, Brett, and good luck! My students actually came to me for ukulele lessons, then I turned them onto classical guitar, but then they heard my banjo playing, so I loaned them instruments and they really took to it, eventually buying their own. It took two years to get to the point where they could play the one concert, and then it all fell apart. I'm just so glad we got it on video. I brought the cello and clarinet in, a week or so before the concert, just to bolster things in case the students got nervous. But it all went well. I'm really pleased you like the videos, and hope that the scores will be of use to you sometime!

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