Advice on Shops/Stores in UK to Try and Buy a Banjo

Hi, I'd be grateful for advice and recommendations from anyone that can recommend good banjo outlets where I can try instruments in the UK and purchase my first instrument.  I feel I need to hear and try a range before jumping in.  Many thanks. 

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Hi Steve - the best thing to do is to go a banjo rally event where people are selling vintage banjos at reasonable prices (see the Events section here).  You could also try John Alvey Turner for used banjos in London and Eagle Music shop near Huddersfield.  

Hi Steve, In the UK, most music shops that I have visited over the years have very few banjos on offer and those that are are the 'usual suspects' at the lower end of the quality scale and in my opinion most aren't worth the money. I would take Carrie's suggestion and attend a few rallies, particularly if classic banjo is the style you wish to play. Ebay do have some classic banjos on offer but unless you have the skills and are prepared to undertake any necessary restoration (or know someone who can), beware of buying as, despite what the seller may claim, you cannot guarantee their condition and playability....Steve (Malvern) 

ok that's really helpful, thanks to you both! 

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