Get your copies of the orchestra numbers here...

If you show up without your part you will be teased and told to stand in the corner with a cone on your head.

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I'm itching to go...another 228 days to retirement. Maybe I can make next spring's rally!

You say you need a CB arrangement for "Hemlock Schottische"? Your wish is my command!

Just for fun, here's the whole thing as an mp3. Oddly enough, it sounds terrible with all parts played by the piano. It isn't perfect as synthetic banjo...but I think it sounds better.


Thanks Marc!  I'll bring a copy along.  I think our cellist(s) were going to play the root notes of the 2nd part in true Thomas Armstrong divided accompaniment style.

We are counting the days too!  It will be great to get you to a rally.  Two SSS cello banjos would make that section thunder!!

I have found that most of these early arrangements tend to be a little much.  Some are a lot of fun like Aurora March. Some are cluttered. 

It does not matter.  We sound like any amateur hometown band with three rehearsals. 

Luckily it is fun so that covers for the way we sound!

Yah, I never really liked playing most of those standard 'divided' arrangements. My CB arrangement is based on the 2nd bjo. part but I just get bored playing 1s and I try to add interest here and there. Maybe somebody will enjoy the arrangement.

Better keep one of those cones on hand, size 7 1/8

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