I'm looking for some information about A.J. Weidt.


I've been making my way through his banjo compositions, and some of the videos on here have been a great help!


I was wondering what information people have about him, there seems to be very little on the net.


Also, does anyone have a comprehensive list of his banjo works?





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Sorry but I am no expert on A.J. Weidt, but I am sure that site member Marc, (Trapdoor2) will some information. All I can offer is a photograph of the gentleman:

and a few more of his banjo scores that I have added to the MUSIC LIBRARY. 

also Songs & studies available there in PDF ; may be , you already have it



Actually, I know very nothing beyond his short bio that Hal Allert has on:     A.J.WEIDT

His music...well, he was a very 'comfortable' composer (by 'comfortable', I mean his tunes are generally very playable, well arranged, often something you'll find yourself whistling the next day), his 2nds are often solos in themselves, quite lyrical.

I don't think I've run across any of Weidt's compositions which might fall into the "difficult" or "virtuosity required" category...something I find refreshing.

Thank's guys. I guess I'll have to keep looking for info.


Does anyone know of any early recordings of anyone playing his tunes?



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