I came across this - what looks like a fretless 7string banjo.  https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/bearneshampto...

It comes complete with a portrait photograph of the owner with banjo and 3 Herbert J Ellis books (including one for 6 and 7 string banjo).   A neat find.  I am not bidding as I wouldn't know how to play it! 

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LINK to 7 String Banjo Auction

Sorry, if that link doesn't work. Here is another link but can't find the button to make it active (ah well - just post in browser)

I met Michael Nix at the Banjo Gathering. He plays delightfully on the 7-string banjo. I bought his CD, which has him playing a few tunes from Ellis.

Thanks Marc - that sounds lovely.  I will have to check out the album.

Kemp's Jig - I think the story behind that tune is that it commemorates an Elizabethan actor/clown who Morris-danced all the way from London to Norwich in nine days.  Interesting, as I live in Norwich.  I wouldn't fancy skipping down an English motorway these days...

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