A while ago Marc S. sent me a box of Turner's monthly things to rescan. 

These were previously offered on the late Hal Allert's Classic Banjo website that is now gone.  The scans on his old website was really what got me going in the classic banjo world. 

Unfortunately some of those scans were pretty poor.

After many hours of a glowing machine I now offer new scans of these folios.  There were a few that I had from Hal's site that I did not have the originals of so I put up the old scans.

It would be cool to track down all of these.  Not only are they filled with good stuff, many of the early ones have a lot of music ripped from American publishers and transposed to C.

Thanks to Marc for sending them.  I still have a few more of the song collections to scan but I've got to take a break.

As always, do whatever with your public domain property. 


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Excellent! Well done, Joel. These are much, much cleaner than Hal's.

Thanks so much for these scans, Joel!  We are fortunate to have them!

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