The Tarrant Bailey Collection Volume 1 Joe Morley Classic Banjo Private Cylinders 1910-1940

Private cylinders of England’s greatest banjoists, 1910-1940Introduction (Richard Tarrant Bailey, Snr.)American March (Richard Tarrant Bailey, Snr.)Patrol Co...

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Comment by Dave Houle on May 28, 2022 at 4:30

Hope you all enjoy!

Comment by Trapdoor2 on May 28, 2022 at 12:33

Yes! I think David Wade sent me this collection on a couple of cassettes, way back when. I used to listen to them in the car, driving back and forth to work.

I think this was recorded on a home reel-to-reel set. You can hear him punch in and out to comment.

You get to hear Joe Morley's voice, that's a bonus.

"RAF's Parade" was my favorite in the collection. The recording is in such bad shape but the interaction between Cunninghame and Morley comes thru very clearly to me.

Comment by Russ Chandler on May 29, 2022 at 2:22

It wasn't a reel-to-reel, it was recorded on a home cylinder recorder.

I have the sleeve notes for this somewhere, I'll try and dig them out and scan them.

I'm glad someone has taken the trouble to digitise this, it's a shame volume two never emerged. 

Comment by Trapdoor2 on May 29, 2022 at 3:02

Yes, the original recordings were cylinders but this compilation was made by Tarrent Bailey Sr. by recording the cylinders to tape.

Comment by Jody Stecher on May 30, 2022 at 14:42

The digitization work was done about 20 years ago by Steve Walker. They were released on CD in 2003 on his Neophone label (not the old 78rpm record label of the same name) as Neophone No. 19, The Tarrant Bailey Collection Volume 1. According to the detailed liner notes the painstaking work of restoration was done from the original cylinders, not from a tape of them. The location of the box of cylinders was discovered by Tarrant Bailey's daughter "Mouse" (sister of banjoist Tarrant Bailey Junior, not to be confused with TB Senior).  The spoken introduction to the collection was done by TB Senior in 1971 and the sound suggests that it was done on magnetic tape and that it preceded recordings of banjo music recorded on cylinders in bad condition. But, according to the CD's liner notes,  that is not what is on the CD which Dave Houle has posted on Youtube. As the CD is no longer available, this is a valuable public service. 

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