Klezmer tune on banjo, hi everyone and happy holidays.I finally acquired a nylon string banjo I like thanks to the efforts of James Hartel. It's a Slingerland.

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Comment by Steve Harrison on December 6, 2018 at 7:27

How beautiful, very well played, it suits the banjo very well. I've played klezmer music on my accordion but never on my banjo, maybe I should give it a shot.


I've located this website which gives a good selection of midis plus scores and I reckon some of the tunes would make good arrangements for banjo. The pdf files show just the basic melody line but when the midis are converted using my Finale software, both the melody plus the accompaniment are displayed. I'll put these on my to do list....Steve.  

Comment by thereallyniceman on December 6, 2018 at 11:08

Wow, that is impressive, very unusual and lovely music to play on a Classic Banjo... and it sounds great!

I must admit that I had never heard the term "Klezmer" music but having read Wikipedia I feel more educated as I can now recognise that haunting style of other pieces of Jewish music as it is very distinctive.

Wiki explains the Song Structure: 

Most klezmer tunes are in several sections, sometimes with each in a different key. Many songs have alternating sections with major and minor keys. Klezmer music often uses "folk scales," or scales commonly found in folk music, such as the harmonic minor and phrygian dominant. Instrumental tunes often follow the types of chord progressions found in Middle Eastern and Greek music.

Thanks Dave and congratulations on the new banjo!  My first Classic Style banjo was a Slingerland May Bell resonator back!!

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