i open  a " Strange part "   , serial blog   ' bout banjo 'parts  with   this resonator

Was on an Abbott ' 5th string   i have ; i think original to it .

The Marquetery  is ...  inside ............ , with  a varnish on  ;   and it is the type of marquetery we can see on  a Windsor banjo ............. So .......  mistery

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Comment by thereallyniceman on August 21, 2017 at 6:37

Very odd! Are you sure that it is "original"?  What does the back of the resonator look like... is that inlayed?

When I first saw this I recalled an old bentwood chair that my mother used to have! Maybe someone with considerable skill made their own resonator from a chair seat ?????

Very similar 

Comment by marc dalmasso on August 21, 2017 at 14:33

Yes , i guess original because  the reso fits exactly the flange of the banjo

and , no , the back of the resonator is not inlayed , it 's regular mahogany

Comment by marc dalmasso on August 21, 2017 at 14:39


a link featuring the same wood inlay exactly

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