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Returning with more of that Converse 1893....hopefully up to Ian's dress code standards. :)

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Hi. Ian was so kind as to pay a visit to the Minstrel site a while ago. Although I did not dress as well as he does, I'd thought I'd post up some of the new Converse "Banjo Made Easy" mentioned here. It's an 1893 book, and is supposedly his last publication. It looks like it is all directed toward fingerstyle, but borrowing some older themes. Here are a few..."Albany Polka" is a re-tooled "Leavitt's Polka" from Buckley 1860. "Darkey's Frolic" borrows from plenty of spots, including his 1865… Continue

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Converse 1886

Re: the Analytical Banjo Method of 1886, is this (the fingerstyle section) material considered early Classic, or is it just not really a part of this genre? Would somebody please share a brief history of the change from "E" tuning and reading to "G". I know I could do it, but I am looking uphill when I think of learning to read in yet another clef.

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Luscomb entry to Classic Banjo

Today I should get my hands on a Luscomb. I am sharing restoration repair fees with the owner in exchange for letting me borrow it for a while. It has nylgut strings and a skin head. I'll post a few pictures and put up some videos, and I will appreciate comments and directions from you hardened veterans. I'll be open to repertoire suggestions, as I start with overflow from my fretless material. Thanks in advance.

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