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1964 Christy long-neck open back banjo

Many thanks to Tom and Ian for their advice. My beast looks like the one in your picture but I've just had a fibreglass skin installed tuned to "D". It gives a remarkably different sound. We've gone from sharp and crispy with a Remo plastic skin to dull and plunky with the fibreglass. Agatha's origins are still mysterious but everyone who sees how well made she is and how lovely she can sound wants to buy her. This is a solid well-crafted instrument and I was told there is a steel rod under…


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1964 Christy long-neck open back banjo

Does anyone know the origins of this type of banjo? Some luthiers say there are two types; one made in Asia and the other in Colorado. The Asian type is light in weight while the one I possess weighs over ten pounds. There is some comment that the Colorado Christy has an aluminium pot. I much prefer Classic style on it and reserve bluegrass for my Gibson. Comments will be helpful. Thanks.

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gypsy love_midi_acc

This is the midi piano file  ( for Marc  & those who would learn the tune ) of the lonely acc for Gypsy love ; from the piano_ arrangment  i have done myself ; i am not an expert of the tango   ; hope  it will be OK .

Tell me if it works and you can successfuly download the file because i had troubles in the past to upload something on the site




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Raymonde and his banjo band ; names _ help

I would like to put names on the face of these banjo players , please ;

pictures are from the old movie of the British Pathe where they are playing the pot pourri of marches ( Stars & stripes , W post march , colonel Boogey ) ; the chief is raymond but what is his real name ?

I think the ténor banjo is a Clifford essex  but what model & grade ? …


Added by marc dalmasso on February 14, 2012 at 16:54 — 6 Comments

CE clipper 2nd number _ an idea ?

I would like to know if you have an idea about what could be the 2nd number  ( back of the head )on some Clifford essex banjos mod " clipper " .  ? ?

I have one with this particularity ( the number do not match at all the serial number of the perch pole )

and same thing for this other one here :


Added by marc dalmasso on February 10, 2012 at 22:58 — 1 Comment

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