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so, yet another question about a banjo...

On eBay there's a Windsor Pioneer Zither banjo up for auction. I haven't found any information about that model on the internet. Does anyone know anything about that model? Would it be worth buying? (I already have a Windsor pre 1895, probably, zither-banjo). I of course know that one can't have to many banjos :-) but I would rather save up and buy a really good instrument than spend money on something that I won't be enjoying to play. And yes, I do enjoy playing zither-banjo :-)

I did write to Dave Wade but I haven't gotten an answer yet, the mail probably landed in spam, it happens often.

Here's a Link:Windsor Pioneer Zb on eBay

Thanks a bunch!


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I believe it to be one of their early models. Probably the bottom of their mid-range banjos. The cheaper ones usually had a bolt on neck, and the higher up models had more fancy inlay and nicer hardware......  I am waiting for my 5th Windsor to show up in the mail... :)   I say go for it, if the price is right....  I am addicted to Windsor banjos myself...  The only issue with this type is the one piece construction.. If the neck angle needs a reset, it is quite a big job, and requires a lot of skill... Where the bolt on neck can be shimmed to bring the action back in line....

My latest... A 1906 Windsor model 6 Banjeaurine... :)

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