There has been much discussion regarding Mays and Hunter, and during my research for the PLAYER BIOGRAPHIES pages I discovered that on the net Parke Hunter was ofter referred to as "William" Parke Hunter.

Richard assures me that this is not correct and he was, in fact, called Morton Parke Hunter, presumably after his Grandfather, General Morton C. Hunter:

Richard has also kindly sent a couple of very rare sheet music covers describing Parke Hunter the composer as M. P. Hunter:

and the less than politically correct, " Santy Claus is Comin' 'fore de Mornin' "

I am no banjo historian, but am pretty sure that Parke Hunter was "Morton Parke Hunter", not "William Parke Hunter" as he is often described.

... unless anyone knows better???

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The confusion probably comes from Olly Oakley's Pathe recording of "College Rag" where the the composer is credited as Wm. Parke Hunter, The composer was, in fact, William Hunter, a different person altogether.

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