"Whistling Rufus" on 2014 Edison cylinder recording

Good evening everyone,

It's been awhile since I've posted anything to this site (life's a little too busy). The following link will take you to a SoundCloud audio file capturing a great opportunity I had with Hank Sapoznik to record "Whistling Rufus" on an original Edison wax cylinder recorder. It was a surreal experience: https://soundcloud.com/smithsonian-folkways/banjo-gathering-morrist...

Some friends at Smithsonian Folkways were kind enough to post it on their Sound Cloud account, so I hope it's okay to share it through their link. We recorded it at the Banjo Collectors Gathering in early September as part of a demonstration facilitated by the Edison Museum's Jerry Fabris. Bob Carlin was our announcer.

Best regards to all,


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Congratulations on becoming a time-traveller Greg, I expect our present popular music to change any moment now due to you and Hank becoming popular recording artists in the late 1800s!

Excellent stuff Greg and Hank.  As I said in a recent post "You can never get too much of Old Whistlin'" !

This reminds me of the good old days on this web site when Carl discovered a box of 1890's VHS tapes of his Great Grandaddy playing the Classic Banjo...  Classic indeed and worth another look:


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