For the benefit of visitors to our site I would like suggestions for other features that people would like to see, or changes to features already on the site.

Last month we had over 4000 hits and in excess of  16000 page views, but not many posts!


I have a few ideas and I am currently putting these together. I am also still working on lesson and general instruction videos and would really appreciate it if anyone else would like to put together a video on any aspect of Classic Banjo playing, exercises, music theory etc etc.

If you would like to help please email me.


Please start discussion topics and post articles, pictures and videos of your playing as we really want to make Classic Style  available to all players and make the site buzz! I am working on a couple of pieces to post soon for your amusement, so get the knives out.




Keep them coming!!!




ps. If anyone would like to act as a site moderator, to approve new members etc., please let me know. It only takes a couple of minutes a day... not too onerous. It would help with the smooth running of the site if I was away from here for holidays etc.



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Hi Ian don't know about anyone else but I'm finding it difficult to "post"  these days.   It dosn't seem to be as easy as it used to be for some reason. BTW have downloaded the Ellis's Tutor and quite like it.   Oh and I'm also having probs. trying to change my profile pic. both on here and on Minstrel actually. So just don't know what I am doing wrong. 

Hi Sylvia,

Thanks for the comments. Ning have changed lots of features (nothing to do with me!) Some have made things easier, some not so easy. BUT to change your photo is really easy! Go to MY PAGE and put your mouse pointer over your current picture and it will allow you to CHANGE PHOTO with a simple click or two.



Hi Ian,


I think an interesting new section could be a directory of instuments including photo's and reviews and coments etc by the owners.




Ian, your site is doing pretty well as it is but if you are looking for an extra burden, you might keep watch on eBay sales of banjos and post them in a regular box on the side margins. There are 2 Cammeyer banjos on there right now, for instance.


Hal Allert

Hello again, Ian. Something else has come to what is left of my mind. I have been working on more and more difficult songs lately. I find that I don't know what some of the chords are that I am playing. As a consequence, I can't relate these chords to my playing partners. I am not sure I can describe the chords without posting a pic of it. Is there a need for a chord book or chart out there?


Hal Allert

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