There are several programming software changes being made on our host server.

This may cause NO problems at all, but may crash certain functions on the website!

If you experience any odd website things happening for the next few hours... please ignore them!

I will post again as soon as things are updated.

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It seems that MOST of the update has gone well, but there are still a couple of minor things to be fixed in the background.

If you spot any page loading errors please let me know.


As part of the software update all the score image files in the MUSIC LIBRARY need to be re-generated. This will take a long time.. as there are a lot of them!


The MUSIC LIBRARY may be unavailable for 24 hours while this process is taking place.

We are still experiencing problems with the MUSIC LIBRARY after the recent server software upgrade.

Please bear with as we will get it fixed as soon as possible!

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