Recently picked up a Stewart princess that came in this (non original to the Stewart)leather Weaver banjo case. Never seen one like this before,i dont think it was made by Reliance, and is quite small , 35x13 inches.

I'm happy to keep it as a nice example of a vintage leather case, but if someone has a Weaver banjo that would fit it,I'm open to trades on it.

tried loading photos,but didnt get em through,will try again

Anyway, hope all you classic banjo fans are well,its been a while since i have been doing much computer stuff,and its good to be back.


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Hi Skip, 

Good to see you back too!!  I took the liberty of adding your photo of the case to the post.

 If you wish to include photos to a discussion, edit them to .jpg files of a width of around 600pixels on your computer then you can simply add them by clicking the button that I have underlined in red:

then select the file to upload from your computer... hey presto the picture will display in the post.

I look forward to seeing more from your amazing banjo collection!


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