Some time ago I started a spreadsheet for Stewart's banjo music for my own reference.  The reason was to keep track of what music I had (mostly digitally) and help me keep an eye out for what I did not.

As I went along I decided to include all kinds of info which has painted a very interesting timeline (and I will eventually write up my findings for the "5 Stringer").  I used this info to aid in my article on pitch and A notation.

The info I added included things like dedications, year of publication, "bass elevated", address, pitch recommendations, advertising copy for the piece, price, or anything else I found interesting.

I plan on eventually going through the Stewart Journals and narrowing down the month of release on many of the pieces.

It is still a work in progress but I am getting good data out of it like how many pieces were published each year.  I can also refute with certainty when people make uninformed claims about SSS published music such as it being "classical".

One aspect of playing classic banjo that has cause me no end of aggravation is the decision by British publishers to not include publication year.

With the BMGs that Ian has scanned one can find the year and month of many CE publications.  John Alvey Turner still remains a mystery.

I had found a helpful spreadsheet on the zither-banjo website here:

Out of frustration, last evening I started adding in the publication year of the American solos that they reprinted.  Easy ones like Stewart, Eno, Lansing and Armstrong.  I was hoping that this would give me some idea of timeline with reference points. 

Has this been done before?  Is there a list somewhere with years for each piece?

Do we know what year No. 1 was published?  What year the last piece was published?

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