Hello Everyone,

I just stumbled across these which aren't in the library of original recordings and may be of interest...





Kind regards from New Zealand,


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Thank you Brett. I met Tarrant Bailey on several occasions and even got a few playing tips from him!  He was a master of both fingerstyle and plectrum style as we can hear in these recordings.

I particularly like Twinkletoes and must have a go at that.

Thanks very much Brett, for the recordings!  They're of very high quality, and I really appreciate them.  I have one of Tarrant Bailey's banjos, or at least I think so as it has his name inside, and the date: 31/1/48.  It's a William Temlett (Senior) zither banjo, dating from around 1890 I'd guess.

All the Best,

Black Jake of Norwich, England.

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