I happened to notice SoundCloud today (http://soundcloud.com), and was thinking maybe this is a good way to share recordings (old and new).

Has anybody played with it?

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If I'm not mistaken a member called John Mills posted via Sound cloud some time ago. 

Hi Roelof,

Yes indeed we do know about the Sound Cloud site. I set up a Classic Banjo page on there some time ago:


Several site members have posted on there.

This was before we had the ability to post Audio .MP3 recordings on this site. Now if someone emails me a track, with details, I can add this to both a post and also include it in our JUKEBOX page.

Check out the JUKEBOX and search for Mike Moss or Marc Dalmasso, for example, and you will be able to listen to recordings by them.

If anyone has a recording they would like to post, for everyone to enjoy, please contact me!


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