Hi!  Does anyone know where I might find the little dots to Joe Morley's "Senegambian Revels"?

A very similar tune was used by Arthur Collins for the song "The Ghost of the Banjo Coon",  and I'd really love to learn it properly.


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Here you go. LMK if you need the 2nd or piano parts.

Hey Clayton,

I don't know how that got missed from the MUSIC LIBRARY!  I have added the full score now, with second banjo and piano part.. so you can download the Full PDF if needed, just search  for:  Sene

and the clever database Oopa-Loopas will fill in the rest and find it for you.  :-)

If you are new to Classic Style, could you not try a few easier pieces first to get familiar with "alternate fingering"?  Alternate fingering is the way to get the speed and fluidity in more difficult pieces so that you don't fall over your fingers at speed.  Check out the video lessons.

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