Just dusting off Man The Guns for an outing at the folk club and it occurs to me I know nothing at all about its author, Sanders Papworth.

I suspect he had a big bristly moustache.

What do we know about him?

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Here's a very brief bio off ancestry.com


No, he was clean shaven.  I know this because he was my grandfather.  If I knew how I would upload a photograph, of which I have several.  My nephew, David Rose of Music Inn, Nottingham, has some metal plates of his other music.

Alan Rose 01332 875995

Hi Alan!

There is a button on the top of the text entry area (where one types text) that looks sort of like a picture of a mountain with a sun or moon.  On my computer it is second from the left on the top of the respond area.

Click that and then click "Choose File"-- choose the file and then upload it.  Pretty easy.

You can also like to a photo that is hosted on a different website or section of this one by following the same procedure but click the tab that says "From a URL."  Copy the page link to the photo and then paste it in that box.  Also very easy.

I look forward to seeing the photos and music!!

I would very much like to se them too.

I if the technicalities defeat you Alan then maybe send me a private message and you could post copies of the material to me and I'll post it on here for everyone?

Thanks for saying hello!

Hello Russ and Joe.

I will engage my grandson's help in uploading a few photographs of my granddad. I am a bit of numpty when it comes to uploading and stuff.  Please forgive me but \I will get back to you as soon as I can. 

There's a nice mention of him with some biographical details and a photo in the March 1955 BMG.  Page 158-9

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