Rob ran an excellent workshop again at Whitby yesterday - Park Crescent March was the chosen piece this went down well with many players joining in. Rob showed us some of the variations that Tom Barribal played in the Trio and suggested a much better way of playing the Coda. We then moved onto Joe George's Kissing Cup Waltz. Well done Rob, the workshop was well presented and some interesting discussions ensued.

Great to see John Willis there, complete with bowler hat! 

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Sounds excellent. A bowler hat. It is good to see that we are keeping up dress standards!

Yes - excellent workshop - I was also there.

I will try the new trio part as suggested by Rob next Time I try the piece.

Oh - and yes John does look good in his new bowler.


 Great to see some fellow banjoists at the workshop. Thanks to all who got involved. Rob


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