I discovered this amazing music after hearing the really nice guy playing his tunes.

I m also very surprised to see the year 1894 on the score of the tune I just arranged.

But every other Morley's score I checked, there wasn't any date. This 1894 is this only time reference I found about the date of publications of his work. Does all the pièces (shared here on this website) are from between 1894 and 1900 ? When they were published, was one by one or was it a pack of a few or a lot compositions ?

Sorry for all this questions, and my English is really not very good, thanks for this cool website.

Have a good evening

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Hey Hal, with your great costume you can also be a wedding entertainer, no need music, the costume is enough.

Remy I didn't know that I knew any French but I have to say touche. You got me.

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