Are there any from the period? I have heard plenty of old recordings featuring a banjo backed up by brass bands, but I can't recall any of a banjo orchestra. Please point me in the right direction if any are out there.

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I think there are some very good recordings by the LBC (London Banjo Club) floating around there that include several classic banjo favourites. The good thing is that most of them are fingerstyle recordings -- many of the late banjo orchestras played plectrum style, and the effect is very different.

EDIT: Here's one of them:

Dave, obviously you will have heard the BBC recordings of the London Banjo Club?

I don’t think that I have any others of banjo bands.

Here is another Morley composition for those who have not heard the LBC


And another:


I was not aware of the LBC. Thank you for the tip.

I seem to remember a couple of records by Raymonde and his Band 'o' Banjos and then there are the discs made by the Aston Banjo Orchestra, other than that, it's back to Big Ben, whoever he was/is.

Not really Classic Style, but always worth a watch.. Thanks for reminding me Richard;


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