Dear sir I would appreciate some advice you could give me please if you can to enable me to put two of my banjo's back to their playable best .They are a Windsor Artiste No2 and an old Barnes and Mullins [ with Amboyna wood inlay to the body] which ,Im sorry to say have lived most of their lives under a bed,Both are in pretty good criginal condition but the neck of the B&M seems to have been repaired , very professionally in the past At the moment they have steel strings on them ? I dont know if this is correct or not and the Windsor has a small 2 footed bridge.The action on the neck seems about right but over the pot seems quite low. Any advice you could give me would be much appreciated Thank you Graham

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Hi Graham,

I am no expert on Zither banjos, but there are several people on here who are, or you could check out David Wade's website where you will find a whole host of information on ZBs.

Is it my imagination ,or has the Barnes and Mullins been "Seegerized" by lengthening the neck,the process of which is described in Petes early banjo book?

I have seen some truly evil seegerizations,the worst of which was an amateur job on a Bacon "chubby dragon"

Its hard to tell from the photo,but i hope it isnt the case! Nice old banjos.

As far as I know it seems to be a very professional repair to the neck done by  a very good luthier in the UK. I have looked at it a few times and I'm still not quite sure how he started to do it .I'll do some close up pics if you wish  Thanks for your interest     Graham

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