[Brown wax home recording of Swanee river with variations, played on banjo by David Milner].


David Milner.


Stream cylinder 13017: 
Download: MP3 file (2-4 MB) (Usage info)


Place of recording likely the England.


Announcement at beginning: "Banjo solo, Swanee River with variations, played by Mister D. Milner at home."


Brown wax cylinder.


Banjo solo. Cylinder was found in London. David Milner was reportedly a British banjo virtuoso and friend of Parke Hunter, and "D. Milner" is credited with several musical arrangements for banjo published in London in 1914.

Collection Information:

The David Giovannoni Collection of home cylinder recordings (Set Number: 201-01, Originally acquired: Don Hill Collection, c.2000).

Personal Name:

Milner, David,


Personal recordings.

Original Item Location:

Special Coll., Performing Arts - Cylinder 13017

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What an amazing find! This is the Herbert J. Ellis arrangement, with a few modifications. The first two variations are played note for note. In this arrangement he skips the third one and goes straight for the tremolo movement.

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