I don't know what to make of this...

looks like some sort of pony banjo.

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I've seen similar banjos - I think they're often called Giraffe banjos ...

That's all the info I have!
Stewart called this a "Banjorett" (and even wrote a schottische for it). They were also known as a "Giraffe Banjorette", etc. This seller thinks they have a gold mine and have had it for sale for at least a year. I emailed them about it when it was first listed, gave them a lot of information...which they chose not to use. Ah well!

They are pretty rare but not exactly something I want to spend $1000 on!
How interesting, thanks for the info gents.
I also think the price is a little high as well. We banjoists aren't made of money, would we play the banjo if we wanted to be? :)

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