This was in Keith Wilson's house yesterday, mine today. I've been looking for a good-quality ZB, and this one seems to be that. It was acclimatising when I took these pictures, so I only tuned it to 415 pitch. I'll get to 440 by evening - something I always do with cold instruments.

The original box contains some original Cammeyer strings, and other brands. 

Looking forward to getting to know it well. Thanks to Keith for fixing it up safely.

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Very cool! I love the detail "guaranteed to tune to D" on the 4th string. What a gorgeous instrument--hopefully we get to hear you play it? 

(PS your Bradbury recordings have been a huge help for me learning this style--thanks for making them!)

Thanks, Evan. You will almost certainly hear me play it sometime. I’m really pleased that my Bradbury recordings were helpful, so thank you for mention it! Made my day.

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