I have created a new page with video lessons to help players new to the banjo, and those new to Classic Style, learn to play classic fingerstyle banjo.

 The first five videos include an introduction to the  of the style and details of the type of banjo used, its set-up and the type on music played. Future videos will give instruction on techniques and exercises which will lead on to playing a full 'Classic Style' banjo solo.          

                          Watch this space !!!!!

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Looking forward to this very much. Thank you Ian.


regards Pam

The first Classic Banjo video tutorial ever -- verily, a historical moment! I'm off to watch these excellent vids. Thanks to everyone who was involved in this project!

Brilliant! Thanks very much


Good idea, we're looking forward this good video, it's really nice , interesting and brilliant, thanks Ian !

Eric &Pat.

I have just watched through the video lessons, thoughly enjoyed them and learned a lot already.


 My thanks to Ian and the team keep up the good work. I feel forgive the pun that you have a Classic in the making!


Regards Pam

Just what this site needs.  Thank you Ian.   Looking forward to the next videos.  

Ian - this really is a brilliant resource.  My thanks to you and all involved in putting it together.  I'm looking forward to future developments with it.

Great addition to the site, Ian.

Many thanks for your efforts!

I too await the future lessons. Thank You kindly


Ron H

I've just watched the videos. They give very clear instruction and just what is needed, Keep up the good work.

All the best,


fantastique ( tic ) ....... , Ian  !
Fabulous work Ian. I'm enjoying what is here and looking forward to more. 

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