I would like to buy a banjo to use everyday and take anywhere so that I can keep my 1880/90s instrument for playing only at home. 

As a beginner with a particular interest in the late 19th century polkas, shottisches and waltzes I would like a new, basic open back banjo that could be likened to a pre 1900 budget instrument. After a fair amount of thought and research, I am considering the Ozark 2102g.

I would very much appreciate any comments on this banjo or others with a similar specification and price.

Thank you in advance.


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Hi Ian - what is your budget?  I started out learning on a basic Ozark (can't remember the model number but it was the second in their range) and I was happy enough with it.  I do recall the tuners weren't great, especially the 5th string.  I also recall preferring the Deering Goodtime (once I had compared banjos at a bluegrass festival) - so it's definitely worth travelling to a music store so you can try them out.  The only problem is, most music stores only stock about two banjos - you would probably have to go to Eagle Music to try out the Ozark range compared to Deering (or Goldtone).  Good luck!


Hi Carrie,

Thank you for your reply. Although I could buy a more expensive new model, I am really happy with my good quality vintage banjo. However, I do most of my practice in my garden shed and I don't want to continue subjecting it to the temperature change from in the house. I also regularly go camping so something basic and reasonably robust will suit me well.

I will be able to try the Ozark at my local music shop so I'll see if it feels ok, allowing for the fact that I'm getting used to my bridge, vellum head and gut strings. 

Kind regards, Ian.

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