Eric Stefanelli built me a superb new modified Tubaphone style banjo, with a long scale length, a big pot, and a sound intended for Ragtime. I have never played a better banjo. Inspired by his workmanship and his dedication to building this  banjo and others,  I composed a tune in his honor which I've decided to call Gryphon And Star. The title commemorates the transformation of an inlay behind the peghead and the tune expresses my thanks, my feelings about the eagle-fish form of the Gryphon (weird!), and, at the end of the piece,  my happiness at the star inlay. I've made a home video of a semi-successful rendition of the tune which I've posted here on the ning site just moments ago. Somehow the camera makes me stupid and I can't remember how to play while it is pointed at me. But the performance is good enough to show how beautiful the banjo looks and sounds and gives a fair idea of the shape of the tune.  I'll post a few photos too and if anyone is interested, the dots as well.

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