I have added a couple more BBC Children’s Hour recordings of Miss Brenda Auden made in the early 1950’s.

Again the sound quality is poor, but as these are recordings from the original BBC Sound Archive shellac discs on to tape cassette and then recordings made from that, so I suppose that we can excuse the degradation. I some parts of the clips you may notice the regular clicks from the shellac recording.

She certainly was an excellent player, especially when we hear that he has only been playing for four years!

“QUOTE” in my best BBC English    “I think that is a jolly good record”


It is good to hear from Dave that Brenda is still around. I hope that she finds out how much we appreciate her superb playing.

Also if anyone else want a bonfire, as I think that my banjos are going on first ?!!!  ;-)


First clip has two tracks,

Frank Lawes’:  SYNCOPATIN’ SHUFFLE and HEATHER BLOOM by Alfred Kirby


The second clip is of Joe Morley’s:



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It is great to see that many people remember or know of Brenda Auden and her superb performances.

Richard Ineson has sent me scans on early 1950's BMG articles about her.

Richards says that the original BMGs are in poor condition and that is why the scan quality is poor, but readable.  Thanks Richard it is amazing that little is known about an obviously top notch banjo player of the Classic Style. 

Also thanks to Rob Murch who let me know that the Scottish Medley Brenda plays on Track1 is Alfred Kirby's  HEATHER BLOOM.  The score is available to download from the MUSIC LIBRARY.

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