I thought that I would let you know that today I have received a big pile of BMG magazines, and other interesting stuff to add to our John Field Memorial BMG Library! 

I will be scanning these over the next few weeks and will keep you informed when I upload them. They really are a treasure of things that you didn't even know that you wanted to know about classic banjo! 

Also today I received an email from Michael Richenbach in Germany enclosing a set of scans of yet another "missing link" in the BMG LIBRARY.  I have uploaded September 1953 for everyone.

One funny item I spotted while processing the magazine was a  cartoon showing a banjoist and a news clipping from Blackpool, (Where Classic-Banjo.ning.com lives!)

The news clipping states:

"Mr. Frederick Boocock, 42, of Victory Road, Blackpool who swung his banjo through a plate glass window while walking home, told a policeman "I wanted to do it" He was fined £1 at Blackpool yesterday"

What made me laugh is that until recently the largest and longest established glazing and glass supply company in Blackpool was situated on Victory Road... and was called Boococks Glass !

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