Without infringing a person's right to privacy, I would very much like to hear news of Mike Moss.  His contributions to this site were remarkable, but I can see that his videos both on this site and on others have been deleted.  Any news of Mike Moss would be appreciated.  I do hope that all is well with him.

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Hi Anthony, thank you for your concern. I am in reasonable health and still have a full head of hair, which, if anything, proves that an eight-year hiatus in banjo playing is a most effective remedy for BRA (Banjo-Related Alopecia). I'm hoping to get back into classic banjo, but having to re-learn a lot means it's an uphill struggle. I'm very sorry to see we have lost so many good friends and members along the way. Enjoy and play in good health!

Mike, I am delighted to hear from you, and to be assured that BPA has been kept at bay..  I have been meeting with Tony Bryan as a duo, (banjo and cello banjo).  Tony Bryan, as you may know from his videos on this site, is a very competent and disciplined banjoist, and he mentioned that he had always admired your pieces but hadn't heard from you for a while.  We both wondered whether the magnificent Mike Moss might be coaxed into forming a trio, which has prompted my query.  Of course, we have no idea where you might live, or whether you might be interested.  I live near Reading, and Tony lives near Kew, neither of which might be convenient for you, but who knows?  It might be worth coming out of retirement for a trio.  Let's hope you live in Slough (unlikely I know), but anyway, tell us what you think.  Again, really good to hear from you, and I am sure we all hope that those fingers are itching to get going again.

Good luck.

I am very flattered that you and the legendary Tapis d'Orient have thought of me, but my life is so hectic I'll be lucky if I manage to sneak in half an hour of practise time every now and then! I'm just beginning to dip my toes back into the world of classic banjo so I'll take things one step at a time for now.

It is sufficient to know that you are rejoining the banjo.  I, and I am sure your many fans look forward to the fruits of dipping toes.  Great news.

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