In the Gatcomb Banjo Registry site is a link to an article detailing the life and mysterious disappearance of L. Gatcomb in 1899. It's a strange tale. Here's page 1 of the article. You can read the whole thing by following the link below -

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Yikes, L Gatcomb gives Parke Hunter serious competition in the Shady Living In the Margins.   My first banjo was a Gatcomb. It had inlaid markers instead of frets. It was a nice well-made banjo. My dad bought it for me when I was 12. We found it in an antique shop near White River Junction Vermont. He paid the princely sum of $2.  It was stolen from me about 15 years later in Redmond Washington. This is long before Microsoft located there, before Redmond had paved streets. 

What was Parke Hunter's story?

There have been several discussions about him on this forum which you can find using the search function in the upper right hand corner. He kept company with shady characters and it was said he had been seen to walk through walls as well. And that was after he was dead. 

Edward Bettega said:

What was Parke Hunter's story?

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