In my recent blog post I blogged about feeling my way around the Classic Banjo site. The site has so much to offer that I'm taking my time to investigate each section. I was wondering

*if other members utilize all or just parts of the site - posting photos, videos, comments, adding blog posts, using the library or tutorials, seeking events, viewing pictures

*how many members out of over 400 drop in regularly and are interested in all the posting or just one particular aspect

*of those members how many leave a comment or a post

*how many are just 'lurking' and don't want to put themselves out there

Here's the challenge - if you read this post, please will you leave a comment, even if you have never done so before, just so we can all see 'who we are talking to' or 'who is interested and what they are interested in'.

I notice that there are 4 other people on line - would you start the ball rolling by adding your comments? Thanks to all.

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      Thanks for the welcome.I will be practising regularly and can but hope to achieve a level that I am happy with.There are a lot of very talented people on this site that I have seen after checking out some of the videos.

thereallynicelady said:

Hi Mel, how are the lessons going? Hope you're practising regularly as well as checking in regularly :)

Mel Turner said:

Hi All
New to the site and new to the classic banjo.
I think this site is wonderfull and would like 
To thank everyone who has been involved
In creating it.Will be checking in regularly 
Especially for the lessons(I really need them!!)


The site is amazing ten years after you posted this and I am so grateful for it.

I have begun searching topics to glean for banjo knowledge and had to respond when I found this one. 

Some of us are at our best socially when hiding behind a drape. Thank you for the prompting. It is time to be less of a lurker and get serious about the banjo. What is it for, if not connecting to other people.

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