I have just heard the sad news that Gordon Dando passed away in hospital last Thursday after short illness. The funeral will be Thursday 10th November at Bath Abbey.

There will be full tribute in the next BMG magazine but I'm sure some of our list members will want to share their reminiscences of grand old man of the banjo.

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Richard Ineson sent me an email regarding the sad loss of Gordon Dando and I have added the photographs of Gordon and send my sad condolences. 

The first time I met Gordon I'd just bought some videos from him mail order. I introduced myself to him at a MBF I think, but for done reason he got me confused with someone who'd just ripped him off over a guitar and proceeded to give me a proper telling off!

When I explained that no, I'd bought a video not a guitar his face split into the warmest smile! What a nice man.

For reference the second photo is of Gordon playing my Gourd banjo in Clive Hughes' workroom in the West Midlands.

Russ reminded me there that Gordon produced some excellent videos of the likes of Bill Ball and Horace Craddy

For those wishing to attend the funeral of Gordon Dando on Thursday 10th November I have had conformation that this will be at Haycombe Cemetery Whiteway Road Bath BA2 2RQ at 1.45pm not Bath Abbey as previously indicated.

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