5-string Banjo: Clifford Essex Wood Hoop Special - £850 - includes vintage case and amazing new tuners for strings 1 to 4: Rickard Cyclone 10:1 Tuners - incredibly smooth! The original tuners are in the case. This is a really beautiful banjo, with a  superb neck/fingerboard. Great tone with nylgut strings. One of the best models you can buy for classic banjo playing. Some here will recall it once belonged to Carrie Horgan. I'm selling for the same sale price Carrie had, without adding the considerable expense of the new tuners. 

Open-back, maple, 22 frets, 26 1/2 inch scale, 11 inch hoop. Excellent condition.
Restored a couple of years ago and set-up by Alec Anness (Fens-based luthier).

As used by William J. Ball, the great English banjoist: The Clifford Essex ‘Wood Hoop’ Special, described in the Essex catalogue:- “An instrument with a sweet mellow tone, suitable for finger playing, or accompanying the voice, responsive to the touch, and rich in tone”.... This banjo was purchased by Bill in 1990 on his return from the USA and he held it in high esteem. He had no interest in the ornate inlay work and decorative carving valued by many players and always maintained that “If you bought a higher grade Essex banjo you were wasting your money.” Please note that I am not selling a banjo that belonged to William Ball, just another of the same model.

Currently near Edinburgh.  

Contact: robmackillop@gmail.com 

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