If you were one of the unfortunate people that bought a regular banjo from Sears, Roebuck and Co between 1901 and about 1920 then you would have received your very own copy of this "Complete Rapid Diagram Chord Book".

This book promises to teach you banjo without having to play any notes or learn from a teacher.  The diagrams show how to hold down the strings on the frets. 

Anyone can, with a few minutes' practice, play the correct accompaniments to any song or piece of music. 

Don't forget to play the pieces with the melodies arranged in such a manner that it is impossible to get confused, either in playing them with correct fingering and in correct time.

There is nothing mystifying or superfluous added to make a large book of it.  This book will work until you can get a larger work which is the aim of the author. 

So grab your copy, pick up your banjo and then play accompaniments to ANY song, until you decide to get a better book, per what the author wants.  


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