Does Any Know If Eric Stefanelli Is Still In Business?

His website has been down for a month or so (I go there often to drool) and I've been saving up for the possibility of buying one of his banjos. His banjos are pieces of art and I love their sound.


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I exchanged email messages with Eric about 3 weeks ago. He is not making banjos for sale anymore and has taken down his website.  The decision was a practical matter of livelihood. I was very lucky that I was able to get one of his banjos while he was still building. BIll Evans was over here for a visit last week and he brought along what we thought was an Eric Stefanelli banjo similar to mine. It was fascinating to see how dissimilar they are when the details were examined. They are of the same quality but each with its own "personality."  Eric is still playing banjo and still learning and practicing new tunes.

Thanks for the info Jody. Glad to hear Eric is still playing!

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