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Copyrights! you said copyrights!? I think that copyrights are useful to protect the work of one who made it, but only during his lifetime, after the works should spend on public property. That's my opinion. I think it is very difficult to resist the temptation (temptation rag ...!) For my part, I find the music of Tarrant Bailet sophisticated musically, and it is unfortunate that it is not passed in the public domain. And so the temptation is terrible to play Tarrant Bailet jr. in public, it's part of my biggest fantasy ... We'll have to beg Mr. Chris Sands to leave us some crumbs ... who knows? It may give a composition of Tarrant Jr. Bailet to the classic banjo Ning group.

It would be great!

We should perhaps ask him!


Copyrights ! vous avez dit copyrights !? Je pense que les copyrights sont utiles pour protèger l'oeuvre de celui qui l'a faite, mais uniquement de son vivant, après, les oeuvres devraient passer sur le domaine public. C'est mon avis.
Je pense qu'il est très difficile de résister à la tentation (temptation rag...!!!) pour ma part , je trouve la musique de Tarrant Bailet très élaborée musicalement parlant, et il est dommage qu'elle ne soit pas passée au domaine public.
Et oui la tentation est terrible de jouer Tarrant Bailet jr. en public, cela fait partie de mon plus gros fantasme...Il va falloir supplier  monsieur Chris Sands de nous laisser quelque miettes...qui sait  ? Il donnera peut-être une composition de Tarrant Bailet Jr.  au classic banjo group Ning. Ce serait vraiment super !
Il faudrait peut-être le lui demander.


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As far as I know, in the US, you may play all the Tarrant Bailey, Jr. you want in public. Most venues (such as my local coffeeshop) pay a fee to ASCAP or BMI or so such things can be done. Youtube has also obtained such a license (in 2009, I believe), so you may post a video of you playing all the TB compositions you wish. Putting printed matter out on the internet is a different issue. 

Mr Sands has published a book (via Mel Bay) of Tarrant Bailey, Jr. compositions (I have a copy) and the American Banjo Fraternity has some pieces available (like "Transatlantique"). We cannot legally physically copy/distribute the content but we can play the tunes and post videos of them on the internet. Like I said, I believe it should be "no problem."

 Reward  ? ; OK .

After reading Trapdoors post, the one above Marc Ds. , ( I won't say "last")....... maybe Mr Sands had no choice but to do what he did......  just a thought.

That is indeed a possibility. Here (again, in the US) it is incumbent upon the copyright holder to protect his/her rights. If one doesn't actively protect them, they may be lost (usually it takes a good bit of time and a lot of obvious use w/o complaint, etc.). Who exactly makes the claims depends a lot upon how their contract is written, etc. Could be his publisher, could be him, could be...?

Because of the triviality of this particular issue, I doubt we'll ever see the whole truth. I refuse to vilify Mr. Sands w/o knowing his end of the story. It is still a shame that it happened.

These issues are yet another reason I tend to stick with public domain music. I also try to make it very clear that scans/copies of (public domain) music or personally created TAB from my collection are for free and open use by anyone. 

Sylvia said:

After reading Trapdoors post, the one above Marc Ds. , ( I won't say "last")....... maybe Mr Sands had no choice but to do what he did......  just a thought.

i forgot this ; éric is gonna go in jail with me

anyone has played TBJ prior t  ? ?; we need  someone to play the 2nd Bj in jail

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