Can members here provide, or direct me to, external source references for the earliest use of the term 'Classic banjo'? I've looked at the Grimshaw, Van Eps, Parker Hunter and Morley et al, publications in the tutor book and song/journal section of the website but these do not appear to include contemporary use of the term. Is it a relatively modern, retrospective descriptive term? If so when does this accepted usage date from? Thank you.

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Joel, that is worse!  There is that connection with the banjo here in the UK too as 'Deliverance' was a popular film - I think 'special requests' would still be 'sing us some George Formby', 'can you play that tune' - cue above impression ('Duelling Banjos') or 'Foggy Mountain Breakdown' - sigh.  

Oh Gosh, that is funny Mike - what a compliment!! We banjo players have to have a thick skin (or at least a healthy sense of humour) don't we...:)

Mike Bostock said:

6 years on and I'm still being regularly reminded of the 'request' when me and a few friends were playing our regular spot to raise money for charity at the local farmers market. This chap made a beeline for me, watched me intently until the tune ended and then said with no hint of irony: "I haven't got a musical bone in my body but I'd love to play a banjo".

Our fiddle player nearly went into cardiac arrest he was laughing so hard. Unfortunately it's still among his favourite anecdotes. ;-)

My pal Kevin likes to point out that if they'd played a Joe Morley tune Deliverance would have probably been a much nicer movie.

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