Chris Cloffi. Personal chat, his banjos, his workshop and love for Classic Style

I received an email from my friend Chris Cioffi who is a luthier and expert on all things banjo. Classic Style is his particular favourite and he has amassed a large collection of all things relating to the style and shares his encyclopaedic knowledge on here!

Chris informs me that he has made a personal video to chat not only about banjo, but also another of his interests. He had seen a video interview with Bob Doe, one of the Battle of Britain fighter pilots.  They asked him what the living pilots wanted from anyone now, and he said "nothing...we were just doing our job and would do it again.  We would just like to be remembered"....I figured this was my little personal way of doing that.

I intended to post Chris's video on Battle of Britain Day, but the NING servers were broken and I was unable to post..sorry Chris! BUT all now seems to be fixed so here it is.

In the first section of  the video Chris chats banjo and then thanks those involved or affected by the Battle of Britain then shows and demonstrates banjos he has made.

They sound amazing, if a little let down by playing bluegrass "-)  How's about a bit of Classic Style, eh Chris?

Thanks for video and do keep posting!

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Hey Chris ol' buddy...good to see ya back on here again! Everybody.....Chris is the man I bought the 1890s Morrison from a few years ago...which by-the-way Chris, is in Cat Fox's shop here in Seattle being restored. Finally got her all polished and cleaned proper. It ought to be ready in the next few weeks. 

Everybody, it just so happens that Chris is also one of my friends and luthiers, he is restoring a 1963 Earl Scruggs Vega tubaphone for me currently. He is an amazing banjo set-up/restoration expert...also with a love for music. He and a woman here in Seattle named Cat are the only people i will allow to work on my banjos. He's a wealth of knowledge and has truly dedicated himself to the 5 string banjo...I'm proud to call him friend. 


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