Can I get a little Information on Barnes And Mullins No 2 Perfect zither banjos.

I found a zither banjo in an antique store in of all places, Marion Illinois.

How common are Barnes And Mullins No 2 Perfect zither banjos? how much are they worth? Do they have serial numbers? I know that they were made in England. I think that they were made between 1900 and 1910. It it in wonderful condition.

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The real expert on here is David Wade, so maybe he can comment.

His website gives details on Zither banjos

As far as I am aware Barnes and Mullins zithers were generally of a lower grade (with some exceptions) and not of great value. From the photos and the condition, your instrument "looks" to me that it may be worth in the region £100 or maybe even much less... but as I said, Dave will give a better idea of value.

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