I'm selling a handful of really great banjos for classic style. This time around I am willing to ship. For sale is:

11" Weaver 

10.75" Weaver (a stunner- don't let the size fool you)

12" Weaver with new Clifford Essex neck

12" wood hoop Weaver by Sydney Young. Formerly Alan Middleton's banjo.

12" Fretless Weaver

Cammeyer Vibrante 

Let me know if you're interested and I can send photos and details on any of these. I'd like for them to end up in the hands of classic style players. 

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Hello John

Interested in the wood hoop weaver 12 inch and the 11 inch weaver.

Can you send some pictures please to tomryanbanjo@yahoo.co.uk and details of prices etc

Many thanks


Alright, the 10.75'' and wood hoop Weavers have sold. The 11'' is still available- I'd part with it for $500.

Last call on the 11" Weaver. $450 takes it, case included. 

Hello John,

Could you please send me pictures of the 11" Weaver.

Thank you in advance,



The Weaver is still available.

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