Thursday evening I had the sad job of informing my long standing banjo teacher that I was going to have to take a break from lessons. I really would like to think that I will return to my studies in the not too distant future. For the time being, however, I need to concentrate my efforts on my photography business.
I had my first lesson with my then new teacher on 7th July 2005. Thursday 24th November 2011 was my 90th lesson.
I could just about pick a tune back then and now I can just about pick two. Just joking. Now I can stand tall and call myself a banjo player. Thanks totally to my teacher.
Every single moment of my lessons, including being told off with the look, usually for something I deserved, has been an absolute joy. My teacher is mentor, counsellor, nanny, friend. Did I mention I am about 30 years the senior. Not when I am in the teaching studio, the musical prowess my teacher commands cancels out age differences, and has helped me to my present playing abilities. Of course I practiced, loads, everyday...ish of the six years. It is all worth it.

Well, if anyone out there has been giving some thought to taking up the guitar or the banjo, even maybe, just getting your playing skills tuned. My teacher could be for you. I do not hesitate in recommending my teacher/friend to you. She has a vacant slot at the moment... give her a call or email her. Her name?????

Danielle Saxon Reeves :

Thank you Danielle. Love and best wishes from Paul [aka Mr Grumpy] xxx

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It is always sad news when someone hangs up their banjo!

Take my advice, DON'T SELL YOUR BANJOS as you will regret it.

I had mine under the bed for  nearly 25 years before they came out again!  It is good that you intend to return to your studies soon.  I am sure that Danielle will have no trouble finding new students after your glowing advert :-)

All the best


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