I'd like to introduce a piece which you might want try.  You may download it from this site's music library.    It was originally for guitar, in the key of A, so was able to make good use of lower pitched guitar basses.  Some of the fifth string G's in my adaptation were those low guitar basses (E).  Shanteler : I do not know anything about him.  My guitar teacher in 1973, Dr. William Johnson, who had been a math prof at Pacific Lutheran Univ in Tacoma, Washington, gave me this piece and I believe he said at the time that Shanteler was from Portland, Oregon.  I have never found any info about him.   The piece should have a Spanish flavor, I think.  I've marked some expressive elements which you may like to observe, but do what you like!

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Randy has sent me a copy of his score and it's well worth a look and listen. The transition between guitar and banjo works very well...Steve.

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