Hi Folks, the next rally is set for October 3 to 5 2019 at the Newark Garden Hotel (near Rochester, NY).

I'll post more details as I get them hammered out.

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Great Spring rally, Joel!  Thanks so much!  Good to see and hear everyone. 

Great to hang with you, Paul! Looking forward to the next rally.

The theme for the next rally is "Play Something New to You."

A little explanation.  The theme is to encourage people to play solos that are not normally played.  The idea is to dig into the stacks and find forgotten pieces and work them up to share.  Since there is NO shortage of recently unplayed banjo solos this won't be difficult.

I like the idea and it will be nice to hear some "new" music.

Thanks to Paul and John (and the large turnout) for making it a fantastic rally.  I have a video or two of Aaron Lewis' Saturday concert to share (this weekend when I can get it up) to show what people missed.  And what an event indeed!

Both concerts were amazing.  I think Aaron could be likened to the greats!  I won't spoil what he is up to but he is working on a project that I am pretty excited about.

Jamming lasted until 2+ AM each night.

Even my little concert/lecture where I played all the Bolsover Gibbs pieces went well.

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