I have an 11.5" Weaver for sale. If anybody here is interested, send me a message. It's ready to go for classic style, and the larger size Weavers are hard to find and a joy to play. 

I also have a large cello banjo from the 1910s-1920s that I am selling. I believe it may be English. If anybody is looking for a genuine antique cello banjo then this would fit the bill.

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Hi John...just to ask about your weaver banjo...do you live far away from London..? Regards Jim

I live in the United States, but I could ship the banjo to you. I ship instruments to the U.K. regularly without issue.

What are you asking for the Cello?  Any  other info/pictures available?   Where abouts in the US are you?

Here is a link to the Cello. I'm in D.C. 


That is awesome....   Just spent all my folding money on a Windsor Popular #1 from EBAY.. Might have to check you out when the next paycheck hits...  :)   I have been looking for a Cello banjo for a while. I also have a thing for British banjos... Got 6 Windsors now... and counting.....    EDIT... 7... ;)

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